• Alaska Weed StrainAlaska Weed Strain 2

    Alaska (AAAA)

    Sativa: $7.82 - $9.71 / gram
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  • Canada Cannabis Dispensary Blowout Grab Bags 2Pink Runtz Weed Strain 2

    Blowout Grab Bags

    Sale $145.00$209.00
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  • Destroyer Weed StrainDestroyer Weed Strain 2

    Destroyer (AAAA)

    Sativa: $7.82 - $9.71 / gram
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  • Golden Goat Weed Strain 1Golden Goat Weed Strain 2

    Golden Goat (AAAA)

    Sativa: $7.11 – $8.86 / gram
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  • NewMonkey Glue Weed StrainMonkey Glue Weed Strain 2

    Monkey Glue (AAAA)

    Sativa: $7.46 – $9.14 / gram
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  • MoonWalker Premium Kief Jar Wedding CakeMoonWalker Premium Kief Wedding Cake

    MoonWalker Premium Kief Jar

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  • Quads Pre Roll JointsQuads Pre Roll Joints 3

    Next Level Quads Pre-Roll Joints (12 Pack)

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  • Sour Diesel Weed Strain 1Sour Diesel Weed Strain 2

    Sour Diesel (AAAA)

    Sativa: $7.82 - $9.71 /gram
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  • Tutankhamon King Tut Cannabis Strain 1Tutankhamon King Tut Cannabis Strain 2

    Tutankhamon / King Tut (AAA)

    Sativa: $6.39 - $8.29 / gram
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Sativa Weed Description

If you’re more interested in head highs than body, sativa strains will be more your style. Besides the “headiness” of the high, sativa is also great for alertness, uplifting and euphoric sensations, creativity, and increased energy. This type of cannabis is taller and slimmer, with long, thing leaves and “feathery” buds. Sativa’s are generally recommended for day time use.

Sativa cannabis strains have an uplifting effect and offer a cerebral high that includes laughing controllably, engaging in in-depth cconversations, and thinking creatively.

Sativa plants grow tall and thin and can grow up to 20 feet outdoors.

Popular Sativa Strains

Popular Sativa strains include Durban Poison, Super Silver Haze, White Widow, Walter White, and Tutankhamon/King Tut.

Buy Cannabis Sativa Strains Online

You can now buy sativa weed online in Canada quickly and easily. Canada Cannabis Dispensary offers a wide range of high quality sativa products to suit every kind of user.

Buying sativa strains online is the best option as you can have your products delivered straight to your address without any hassle.

Canada Cannabis Dispensary offers fast free shipping on orders over $99.