Newbie Marijuana Consumer Hacks – Tips for Beginner Stoners

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The art of consuming cannabis is no science. One only needs to joint between their thumb and index finger, place the joint/spliff/blunt between the lips, light it up, inhale, and finally exhale. The procedure is pretty straightforward. However, there are countless hacks that one can utilize to heighten the experience and make it more memorable. If you are a newbie cannabis consumer, incorporating the five hacks highlighted below in your toking session may be what you need to take the experience a notch higher. 


When the Joint Burns at a Faster Rate…

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Despite making a joint being easy, every end product is unique and subject to its maker’s creativity and skill. No two joints are the same. While some may burn seamlessly, others burn unevenly or faster than one would like. Spreading honey evenly across the rolling paper will help with these issues. The joint will burn evenly and at a reasonable rate. Additionally, the honey adds a sweet twist to the flavor of the selected strain.


Homemade Grinder…

As a regular cannabis consumer, having a grinder is essential. Properly grounded flowers produce an even, smooth smoke. Suppose you found yourself in a position where you don’t have a grinder or have misplaced yours. Do you have a sterile penny? Do you have a pill bottle? If yes, then you are sorted. All you need to do is place the coin at the bottom of the pill bottle, add a piece of your favorite dried flower, and shake vigorously. In the end, you get some finely ground buds. 

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Have you Heard of People Getting their Eyebrows, Eyelashes, and Nose Burnt? 

This happens when a smoker leans forward while igniting the joint. Flames burn vertically, so when a person leans forward, the face stands in the way of the flames, hence the singed eyebrows, nose, and eyelashes. Always ensure you lean back while lighting a joint. 


How to Deal with Cannabis Odour?

Some cannabis strains tend to have a pungent aroma that might attract unnecessary attention. A consumer can deal with these issues in either of two ways. First, using an air freshener (any brand) after the toking session helps mask the odor.  

The second option is to make a homemade spoof. Take a toilet paper roll (empty), dryer sheets, and a rubber band. Hold the paper roll, fix the dryer sheets on one end, and use the rubber band to hold it together. After inhalation, blow the smoke into the uncovered side of the spoof, and the odor will be eliminated. This method is not 100% foolproof, but it does an excellent job of maintaining discretion.

Or you can try using a weed vape pen. They’re smooth, convenient, and discrete. 


Are You Looking to Heighten Your Experience?

According to studies, mango’s increase the intensity of a cannabis-induced high. So, if you want to experience something more remarkable, incorporate some slices of mangoes in your next session. 


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